Ceramic Artist

Harbourfront Centre: 2014 -2017

After graduating from Sheridan College's Craft and Design Program, Teresa was awarded a three year residency at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. (2014 - 2017) It was here, in the supportive atmosphere of the Craft and Design Department  that Teresa began her professional career as a potter and ceramic artist. 

Wood Fire Mentorship Hamilton and Region Potters Guild:2014 -2016

During this residency, Teresa  participated in a 16 month wood fire mentorship under the guidance of master potter Tony Clennell mfa, rca.   This amazing opportunity culminated in the group show Hours and Ours  held at the Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, Ontario (2016)  Through this mentorship Teresa learned about the intricacies of wood firing, and  how to create conceptual and functional pieces that are enhanced by this firing process.  Teresa is now part of a team whimsically known as the Cactus Lounge Flame Throwers.  The reality is that this group of professionals are friends who fire together, critique and help one another grow as artists.

Fusion: Mentorship: 2018- 2019

Beginning in September 2018 Teresa will be participating in a 10 month mentorship  lead by Susan Low-Beer.  This mentorship is made up of fourteen professionals who work in clay or glass.  Under Susan's guidance, the artists will work on individual projects that will culminate in an exhibition  in August, 2019.