Ceramic Artist

Hopewell Rock, 2018, Porcelain Woodfired                                                          Photography by Dale Roddick




Teresa Dunlop is a maker of forms that appeal to the senses of sight and touch. Intended for everyday use, contemplation or for the celebration of special events, Teresa's work will delight the user. 

Teresa loves all aspects of the ceramic process. A teacher for 32 years, Teresa includes a small detail in each piece that reminds her of her past life as an educator. This use of memory brings an intimacy to the work that Teresa believes will connect with the user.

She finds the suppleness of clay and its ability to accept marks and respond to the human hand intoxicating. Boldly glazed surfaces and strong forms reflect a confident approach to constructing pieces that people will want in their daily lives, both for function and decoration .

Teresa has participated in national and international exhibitions and received numerous awards for her work.  

In September, 2017 after completing a three year artist residency at Harbourfront Centre, Teresa opened her  own studio in Newmarket, Ontario, where she makes her own work and offers classes and workshops.